Photos Of Solar Energy

Ellen Said:

What is the Energy required to conduct electrolysis?? Is Solar Energy Sufficient?

We Answered:

Depends on what rate of electrolysis you desire. Almost any voltage would be sufficient. Adding salt to water lowers the resistance levels also to make the effects a little more dramatic. Hope this helps.

Kathryn Said:

How do we convert the Sun’s surface brightest and most dangerous amount of energy of helium and hydrogen into?

We Answered:

With a solar panel

Jesse Said:

Why is Obama releasing thousands of pounds of CO2 flying from DC to Denver?

We Answered:

It could be more than just a photo op (no T). He could be meeting with officials at the facility to discuss ideas for energy going forward. He has a vested interest in developing new energy plans. You have to break eggs to make an omelet.

Everybody always releases thousands of pounds of CO2 when they fly. That’s the cost of flying. The president flies most everywhere he goes because of the speed and safety of flying.

In addition, he may be traveling elsewhere after Denver. If he is on his way to the west coast for other reasons, then he’s not really wasting much.

Imagine the whole situation, not just one tiny narrow aspect of it, before criticizing the operation.

Leo Said:

What percentage of solar panels & windmills built in the US are built using illegals?

We Answered:

Almost none. Those kind of manufacturing jobs are high paying, skilled labor jobs, the kind that Americans in unions have. There’s no need for unskilled undocumented workers.

Can you cite a source, and a factual one at that? Every photo I can find of Obama’s solar plant photo ops show him with workers. If “all” the workers stayed home, who is that he’s with?

Annette Said:

How do they figure the cost of solar energy electrolysis?

We Answered:

Well you have to pay to have the panels installed. If you break down the cost into monthly payments, you can further break it down into cost per second. Then figure out how much energy you’re getting from the sun at peak hours, and you can calculate cost per peak-watt.

Debbie Said:

(42) Which of photoelectric transducer is used for production of electric energy by converting solar energy?

We Answered:

I’d go with (b) personally. The solar cells that are used for mass production of energy are diodes, not transistors.

Wade Said:

how are solar cells (photo voltaic) effected but heat (potentially in /under a ‘green house’)?

We Answered:

Place the cells inside somewhere where they can be solidly mounted. Then use a concentrator where a large collection window can be focused directly on the cells increasing the amount of energy they put out. Someone once said you could by this method get close to 80% more power than if they were just mounted in open sunlight.