Make Solar Power

Brandy Said:

What needs to be done in order to make solar power affordable and available?

We Answered:

Solar hot water heating already makes sense in many locations. It seems like every new house in Honolulu has it.

As for solar electric (photovoltaic panels), the technology is expensive for utility-scale generation, but financially viable for individual homes in increasing areas of the country. That’s because a utility can have a nuclear or coal-fired boiler, and produce electricty at (say) 2 cents a kWh. For a consumer, though, the utility may charge 20 cents a kWh, on par with what solar electric costs, so the consumer can break even by putting panels on the roof. Unless a consumer is lucky enough to have running water for hydropower, or solid wind, there isn’t a cheaper way to make electricity than solar.

The price of solar panels should be coming down as more manufacturers come on line. I think we will see an evolution rather than a revolution in the next few years, just as the price of PC’s was initially high, then slowly came down.

Brittany Said:

how to make a solar power water heater?

We Answered:

if you have plumbing skills you can make one with half inch pipes in side 1 and a half inch pipe… in a series of loops going up and down placed over a blak metal panel… the half inch pie should have water in it and ran to a water tank… the outer pipe should have anti-freeve in it… thats your basic idea…. if you need further help… send me an e-mail

Cody Said:

How to make a solar power source for home use ?

We Answered:

Many companies in Canada already use this technology. One way is to modify your roof to a giant solar panel. They charge batteries stored in the backyard. Interesting stuff.

Leah Said:

Are there any companies working to make solar power affordable?

We Answered:

good site

free news letter [very good]!!

Georgia Said:

how do i make solar power?

We Answered:

“Run things” ….what “things”…?
You can start here…
and here
and then get the parts here…