How To Make Solar Panels

Ronnie Said:

How to make solar panels?

We Answered:

you will not be able to build a solar panel big enough to fit a house hold usage not to mention all the wiring to the main fusebox then the separate fusebox for the solar panels oh and then you will need to feed whatever power you don’t use back to the power company so really unless Ur a super guineas id leave it and try and see if you can get solar power panels installed by your energy company for a cheaper cost like they do were i live.

Edward Said:

While inmates get to learn how to make solar panels in prison, where do i sign up for free education?

We Answered:

They work as slave labor. If you really want that kind of “free” education go commit a few felonies.

Mattie Said:

How do you make solar panels?? And is there any other ways to makeenergy like wind energy at home?

We Answered:

These are some really good green energy links. check them out

Teresa Said:

Anyone know how to make solar panels for heating water?

We Answered:

If you want to build your own, check out Build it Solar They have lots of ideas for making your own solar water heating panels. You’ll need to also have a tank to store the water. Since it is possible to get freezes in the UK, you will likely have to do a closed loop system that has an antifreeze in it to prevent freezing. That gets to be a more complex system involving a heat exchanger, so you may want to buy that system rather than make it.

You can also run radiant floor, wall, or ceiling panels to use that water to heat the room, I’m heating my house in New England with solar heated water.… I don’t need to tell you that the UK isn’t the greatest location for solar, so I don’t know if you’ll be able to achieve your 100% goal.

Here’s a site that discusses solar water heating in the UK,… Since they are heavy, it can be expensive to ship, so you are probably better off buying locally.

Armando Said:

Does anyone know a good site that shows how to make solar panels?

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