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Johnny Said:

wind turbines – what is practical and effective ?

We Answered:

Well small wind turbines are not necessarily practical of effective. When it comes to a wind turbine, as with any aerodynamic system, the forces we are interested in are lift and drag.

The forces acting on a turbine are what allows it to rotate, essentially speaking lift is good and drag is bad. One of the most important factors when designing a blade for a turbine is the aspect ratio. This is the ratio between the length of the blade and its average width along its length.

The higher the aspect ratio of a wing or blade the lower the drag force. So longer blades can therefore produce more useable energy.

Another design factor is the ‘roughness factor’ of the actual location of the area. As wind blows, it interacts with the ground and causes turbulence. Areas with high roughness factors will have far less useful wind power than areas with low roughness.
Areas with buildings, because of their complete lack of aerodynamic design, have the highest roughness factors, and off shore locations have the lowest.

Turbines designed for use in low space situations must have shorter blades. There are obvious issues with clearance of the blades and also structural implications when mounting them on a building.

It is impossible to produce anywhere near the amounts of electricity with a small wind turbine as a large one would, especially in built up areas.

It would be possible for companies to use wind power to offset their own energy consumption, although actually making a profit would be very difficult. Their is a scheme at the moment in Ireland. Farmers are placing wind turbines on their land, using the electricity, and selling the excess energy to the electricity supplier.
Farms however have the space required to build larger turbines

Shawn Said:

what is another good way to sell products besides going door to door?

We Answered:

You may want to try some type of online business. There is an upcoming webinar by FindProfitOnline about making money online without needing to be an internet marketer, no MLM, no product sales and no website.

I am wonder what they are doing, so I am going to be attending this weekend.

Erika Said:

Wind turbines – what is practical and effective ?

We Answered:

Here is an article that might answer your question from Ben Ford… he has been around for a while and is an experienced inventor and author on green energy .He showed me how cheap it is to build wind and solar… that will be me out there repairing my fence this summer and building solar and wind power!
Author Ben Ford
How would you react if your neighbor told you she was going to build wind turbines? Pretty impressed? The truth is that it is not difficult to build wind turbines and many homeowners are taking the challenge to build their own wind turbines as a cost-effective means to utilizing renewable energies. It isn’t exactly snap-your-fingers easy to build wind turbines either, but with the proper plans and a motivated builder you can be building wind turbines in no time.

It is definitely your best bet, before setting out to build wind turbines, to purchase an instruction manual or guide to follow. Remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to instructions. Make sure you find a manual that is easy to read with detailed instructions. There are also many online resources and forums to help guide you through your wind turbine building process.

To familiarize yourself with the basics, before you get started on your project to build wind turbines, there are four basic components to wind turbines. To build wind turbines you must be familiar with the towers, the batteries, the turbines and the tail and propeller assembly. The tools generally required to build wind turbines are simple as well, you will need wrenches, a saw and a drill. There may also be a need for additional tools depending on how of the wind turbine you will be building yourself.

One part that you will probably be ordering when you decide to build wind turbines is the motor. The motors on wind turbines do require regular maintenance and oiling for continued efficiency, but this is a small price to pay for the excellent energy these systems provide. In addition to the motor, you are definitely going to need a good-sized workspace. Depending on your target energy output, your propellers or blades could get up to 8 feet in diameter (4 ft blades).

It takes a little work to build wind turbines, but there is really nothing overly complicated about the process and generally the process can be fairly inexpensive once you are operational and your electric bills are dropping each month. Building wind turbines is also a fast growing occupation worldwide as technicians are tough to find. So learn how to build wind turbines for yourself and take advantage of the opportunities free electricity and know how can provide.