Cost Of Solar Cells

Don Said:

What would be the cost of the solarcells needed for a 750MW plant in a region where the intensity of the sunl?

We Answered:

900W / m^2 not per square mile.

here’s a thing, if someone DID decide to slap together a power plant like that, the cost of those cells would surely drop.

Elmer Said:

Where do I get solar cells in Chennai?

We Answered:

i think u r a good user of internet
so instead of searching chennai u could just buy from internet

Hilda Said:

What is the cost of solar cells compared to the cost of fossil fuels?

We Answered:

The cost of a solar cell by itself over time is very cost effective, now comes the big but. you also need to add into the cost comparison all the other equipment needed to bring the energy produced by the cell(s) to the utility. The cell itself is only one of several parts, you need batteries and an inverter to supply usable power. The batteries and inverter are not long life devices and will need service and replacement. These items add to the cost of a solar power system. When the costing is done over time even going out 10 yrs other energy sources are way cheaper.