Cost Of Pv

Eddie Said:

How much would it cost to replace an LCD camcorder screen of a Panasonic PV-GS250?

We Answered:

I heard from alot my uncle who is a camera expert that if you break any part of a camcorder (esp. the screen) it would be cheaper to buy a new one. If you really want to know, ring up Panasonic and ask them. It’s upto you!

Sylvia Said:

Cost of a taxi from PV airport to bucerias, costa dorada resort?

We Answered:

The Puerto Viejo airstrip in Costa Rica is approximately 2,186 miles or 3,518 km from the Costa Dorada Resort in Bucerias Mexico.

At ¢512 per km plus ¢30,000 per night for accommodations and ¢22,500 per day for meals for the cab driver over the course of the 12 day trip you’re looking at about $6,138 or 75,215 Mexican pesos plus you’ll have to calculate the cost of your accommodations and meals separately…

Sara Said:

cost of silver metalization pastes?

We Answered:

The price varies according to the spot price of silver. Currently, silver is at $28 per troy ounce.…
However, you can find a current price here:…
The price of electricity depends on where you live.
8.4 cents per kilowatt-hour is not uncommon today.…
As for the electrode potentials:
Reference electrode Electrode potential with respect to SHE (mV)
Standard hydrogen electrode (SHE) 0
Saturated calomel electrode (SCE) + 241
Ag/AgCl, 1 M KCl …. + 236
Ag/AgCl, 4 M KCl …. + 200
Ag/AgCl, sat. KCl …. +197…

Denise Said:

Physics question abut calculating the cost of a PV plant per peak kilowatt? please help, thanks?

We Answered:

Peak power per cell = V x I
= 0.5v x 2A
= 1 Watt

1 Kw = 1000 Watts, so we need 1000 Cells;

$30.00 X 1000 = $30,000.00

Lucy Said:

what are the cost to build a simple PV system for home of 1200 sq foot, and how much will cost?

We Answered:

Totally agree with Adams answer , here is another site.