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In 2008 I graduated as a dietitian at the Northride University . I gained my experience at various employers. My own vision on nutrition played an important role in my decision to start a practice myself.

Connelly‘s vision

If eighty percent of what you eat is good for your body, you have twenty percent for ‘food for the soul’. That snack that you really enjoy so that you can keep it up better. I do not count calories, but prefer to provide insight into portion sizes and products. 

I like to focus on lifestyle. How you feel about yourself and how to nourish your skin. I find that more important than counting pounds. I also remain practical. Are you not a breakfast taker? Then we search together for the best alternative that suits you. 

And finally, I show you why you eat. For example because you are tired. If you know that you actually need rest or attention for yourself, this is the real solution.




It will be known that radioactive radiation makes you sick and that too much sun is not good for you. And at the same time, are you aware of the effects of alternating magnetic fields caused by, for example, your clock radio on your bedside table or the wiring and energy-saving lamps in your home? What do you know about the radiation from your cell phone, the inverter of your solar panels, baby monitor, WiFi, microwave and the transmission / high voltage pylons in your area?

This website is about the solar energy, magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) radiation and your health. Also called electrosmog or electrostress . You are increasingly exposed to this 24 hours a day without seeing it. This can cause complaints to you.

My goal is to provide you with information on the basis of which you can determine whether you want to do something about it (yourself)


What can you do to reduce the damage of electrosmog to your health?

You can do a lot yourself to reduce the electrical smog in your living environment. The solutions are often easy to implement without compromising on facilities and user-friendliness. You can also have measurements carried out in your home or office environment so that you can take specific measures or have them taken. 

The harmful influence of electrosmog always depends on:

  • The duration of the period in which you are exposed to radiation.
  • The distance to the radiation source.

The solution seems easy to keep your distance and limit the period in which you are exposed to radiation. But how do you realize the first point if the space in your home does not allow this? You will find some answers to this on the right of this page.

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