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Wendy Said:

Science Project Help! Solar System Model?

We Answered:

i'm a senior in highschool and i know it's been a while since i've done a science project, but i still remember how i did mine.
i would use styrofoam balls because not only are they easy to work with, but you can buy them in different sizes.
after you figure out which planets are larger than the others, buy the styrofoam balls accordingly, and buy some spray paint to match the colors of the planets.

for the rings on the planets, you can use a lot of different material; i know that they make ring-shaped styrofoam that you could attach to the ball with wires, but you could also use pipe cleaners.

find a large cardboard box, a very very large one. it's best that you have something closed on all sides, except leave the top open and turn the box on its side so the opening is facing you. spray paint the inside black with silver stars, or you can buy stick on stars. attach the planets and sun with thin string from the top of the box so that they hang down. decorate the outside of the cardboard box, and there you go.

i hope i helped you.

Wesley Said:

Does A Working Model Of The Solar System, As We Know It Today, Exist?

We Answered:


I am certain that there are 3D computer models that include all the planets (their tilt), moons, known satellites, comets, and known asteroids in our solar system. I'm sure that NASA's is brilliant, but the ones I've found for free online aren't bad either. I have no idea if an up to date and accurate, mechanical representation exists.

For computer models, you could try this.

Or this one allows you to tweek the planets away from actual size if you wish (which might be more fun to look at as a screen saver).

Byron Said:

Did Isaac Newton and Sir Edmund Halley have a discussion on Newton's model of the solar system?

We Answered:

Yes there was such a discussion between halley and newton in the year 1720 something they had a serious issue of this situation

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how to make solar system and what material it require