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What Are Solar Panels

Andrea Said:

What are some similar products to solar panels ?

We Answered:

Solar calculator or windmills.

Calvin Said:

I am wondering if someone with experience about solar panels could tell me more about them?

We Answered:

yes! If your goal is to reduce or eliminate your electric bill and have it be cost effective, a grid tied solar system is the way to go. There are no batteries involved with a grid tied system.
Here's how it works. Once your solar system is up and running, your home is receiving electricity from both your solar system and the electric company. In a given moment your home 1st looks to the solar system to provide your energy needs. If in that given moment your electric demand is greater than what the solar system can deliver, the balance is provided by the electric company. There will also be moments that the solar system is generating more electricity than you need. This excess power is then sent out on the electric grid for others to use and the electric company will pay you for this energy. This give and take relationship is kept track of by a bi-directional meter ( the utility co installs for free) and at the end of the month both are tallied and you are either billed or credited the difference.

The goal is to size your system correctly so that at years end your net bill is zero. If for example your utility bill is 100.00 per month you would probably need a system that costs around 18k (for DIY) or 25k ( professionally installed). Your electric co and the federal gov will give you a combined rebate at around 50% of your overall cost. If you factor in electricity's historical inflation rate of 5%, your return of investment would be around 5yrs for DIY and 9yrs for professionally installed. The system has a life span around 30yrs. If you do the math, the DIY numbers are quite impressive.

Warning, stay away from build your own panel sites there are numerous problems inherent with that scenario. As far as installing a system your self you will definitely need guidance. I know for a fact that there will be a web site launching ( energy education) in late feb that will be able to guide you in all your solar endeavors. Visit my blog at that time and look for the link. Feel free to post any other questions you may have.

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