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Water Solar System

Darlene Said:

Is there water anywhere in our Solar System other than on Earth?

We Answered:

Comets obviously have lots of water ice, there may be water vapor in Venus' atmosphere, it appears that there may be "crater ice" on the Moon's poles and also trapped within its rocks (as ice), Mars has small amounts of water vapor and water ice. It is believed, through remote sensing that Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede all contain a certain amount of liquid water. All of the moons of Saturn and Uranus are suspected to contain water in some form, and Neptune is believed to have a large "mantle" structure composed largely of liquid water, with a solid ice (and rock core).

So despite what people would have you about water, it is out there. Just not in the same kind of massive, lopsided ratio as we have here on Earth.

Life? Possibly. Since we have no idea what it is that made life appear, that's somewhat difficult to guess at. But as per Earth life that needs water, it's definitely something.

But also think of the other biochemistries that might make an organism run (i.e. silicon-based life)-- maybe they don't need water?

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