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Grace Said:

Is the Oort-Opik cloud a spherical shell or a banded ring around the Solar System?

We Answered:

The Oort cloud is a spherical shell of comets, extending almost half the way to the nearest star, according to someone I can't remember. The Kuiper belt is a toroid-shaped band of debris just inside the Oort cloud, and starting just outside the orbit of Neptune. Maybe that's what you're thinking of.

Dennis Said:

"brochure" about traveling to other planets in the solar system. Any ideas? it has to sound authentic...

We Answered:

Tired of the snow the ice the frigid tempretures come vacation on Mars . Thats right the red planet beckons you with its sunny days 2,000 degrees in the shade Its magestic rivers of molten rock and strange and wonderful life forms the likes of which you may never see again. this is no total recall this is the real thing. You will be spirited away from the surley bonds of earth on a first class shuttle flight through the heavens free cocktails and in flight full body massage (happy ending optional) are yours for the asking upon arrival at mars station three you will be given a guided tour of this celestial body in mars first solar powerd tram at a blistering speed of 3000 miles per hour bring your spf 10,000 its hot out here following this informative and educational expirence we will retreat to the subterrainian confines of the Hilton of mars where top notch accomodations and universal cuisine await and a full service staff attend to your every whim. ya gettin the idea now . hope I helped

Jacqueline Said:

How do we explain most of the exceptions to the general patterns in our Solar System?

We Answered:

It really depends on what you call "exceptions." If it is the backwards rotation of Venus, the tilt of Uranus and our moon, then, yes, it is impacts, mainly in the final bombardment. The answer is C.

Rene Said:

Would any rappers buy a solar powered car if it meant a quieter sound system?!?

We Answered:

Prolly Not, who needs the sun


Mildred Said:

supposing we do make contact with a life form outside our solar system?

We Answered:

I agree with a few answers here which hint at what the word “Alien” really means. When people talk about aliens, they can’t help but incorporate human interpretation behind motive, (if aliens even have motive). They give them weaponry & shiny metal space ships. They make them our 'advanced friends from the stars'. Things inherent with our own understanding of physics & environment. Then they give these hypothetical aliens Human traits & psychology too. Sounds less alien already & more like sci-fi to me.

Do ants care how jam is made.... or want to interact with us? What about our cousins apes? Cows? sheep? dolphins? jellyfish? Now think of a species which has evolved under an entirely different set of natural laws on some other planet. Would they even have a definition of "contact" ?

I think the only understandable contact will be from our perspective. eg Its likely that scientists discover a planet with habitual factors for known carbon life. Then they send out probes. That will be the extent of our first and only contact probably.. and it it will take years just to confirm.

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