Solar System Pictures For Kids

Brittany Said:

Help! SCIENCE HELP!space science?

We Answered:

Do your own homework. Do it on the bus, thats what i always did.

Benjamin Said:

What leaves you in awe?

We Answered:

It was actually Carl Sagan that said that science is not only compatible with spirituality,it is a profound source of spirituality.

Anything and everything nature fills me with awe.(although cosmology and astronomy are way over my head)

Luis Said:

A quiz for all you anime fans : )?

We Answered:

1. Fafner in the Azure
3. Kodocha
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Shugo Chara
6. Full Metal Alchemist
7. Fruits Basket
8. Full Moon O Sagashite
9. Code Geass
10. Kirarin Revolution
11. maybe Skip Beat
13. Inuyasha
14. School Days
15. Sola
16. Golden Boy
17. Great Teacher Onizuka

I answered all that I could think of, although I don't remember some, and others may be wrong, but I still had fun answering, ^_^!

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