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Solar System Info

Sonia Said:

Where can I get info about our solar system/universe?

We Answered:

your local libary!

Erin Said:

Solar System scale model info?

We Answered:

not to many models you have likely seen are truly scale models
because if you make a sun and earth big enough to see
they end up having to be miles apart
the models in classrooms are not to scale
at least not the size of the planet to the distance between them
It would be best to scale the size of the planets and the distance between them seperatley so it can actually fit in one room

Ptolemy was probably the first person with a written model, but he was not correct, but gave us a decent start

Douglas Said:

Some help in finding good relative sites about the earth(solar system) and also some info on it?

We Answered:…………

The last one has some good ones.

Anne Said:

where can i find websites with short info for the solar system.?

We Answered:

I think this will match your requirements - exactly.

Clayton Said:

can i get some updated info on the 8 planets of the solar system?

We Answered:…

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