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Solar System In Pakistan

Bob Said:

A quiz for you. First one to answer correct gets 10 points.?

We Answered:

1: AC/DC
2: Brigham Young University
3: The wavelength is the distance between repeating units of a wave pattern. It is commonly designated by the Greek letter lambda (?)
4: Blur
5: Toxicology
6: Neptune.
7: Giuseppe Verdi
8: Daylight or sunshine.
9: Washington DC
10: Tom Hanks
11: Watch?
12: Madonna
13: Swahili
14: Harmonica
15: Bruce Springsteen.
16: Giza.
17: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
18: Horse
19: Maine
20: Rupee
21: The Simpsons
22: James Garfield
23: Oxen
24: Manchester.
25: Kiev

stupid question
i'm sorry i took the time to not only look for the answers but to read the question
hey but i got them all right ten points please

Tonya Said:

Give me an address in Pakistan for purchase of a new or used astronomical telescope?

We Answered:

contact to sparko thy ll give u all infomation,

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