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Clifton Said:

Spore: I Can't leave the Solar System in Space Stage?

We Answered:

First to leave the Solar System you have to get your commander badge by doing the rings challenge and extracting animals for your leader. Then you need to use your mouse wheel to zoom out and noooooooooooyou do not have to beat the game first because I still haven't beaten it yet and I control about 4 planets in the galaxy now. Make sure your trying to leave your solar system and not the whole galaxy.

Elsie Said:

Would it be possible to piggyback on a fast-moving comet or asteroid to reach areas of the solar system?

We Answered:

This has been asked before and overlooks one major part of orbital mechanics. How do you land on an asteroid or comet? It can be done, but only in a particular way.

These things are bombing along at phenomenal speed. They don't have enough gravity to snare your spacecraft as it passes unless it is moving relatively slowly compared to the asteroid. That means you have to nearly match its orbit and speed in order to reduce your relative velocity to a degree where you could actually land on it rather than slamming into it at speed.

The thing is, once you've matched its orbit and speed to that degree, orbital mechanics dictates that your spacecraft is pretty well going where that asteroid or comet is going anyway. It becomes a rather ironic situation: once you adjust your course and speed so you CAN hitch a ride on the asteroid you don't actually NEED to.

Teresa Said:

what is the history of space and the origins of the solar system?

We Answered:

I'm assuming you mean space exploration and astonomy. Well, people originally thought the universe revolved around the Earth. Copernicous in the 1500's thought he Sun was the center of the universe because that would explain the movement of the planets which was not regular like the stars. Later on Gallileo improved the telescope. Eventually people came to understand the Sun is not the center of the universe. Edwin Hubble discovered that there are other gallexies early in the 1900's. He also concluded that the universe is expanding. A little discombobulated, look up these guys on wikipedia.

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