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Solar Racking Systems

Loretta Said:

Will you critique my work?

We Answered:

Work on your comparisons and descriptions, cease the "Such and such was SO such and such." Your description alone should dictate the severity of the objects attributes, it shouldn't require a stressor like that all the time. Also, take care to orient the captain in the setting you are describing, we understand it's in the engine room, but I'm not entirely sure where the captain is in the room.

Also, just as a general statement, the world does not need more science fiction, please make sure it's worth the time before you write it.

Kent Said:

can this telescope see outside our solar system?

We Answered:

The naked eye can see outside our solar system (all those stars up there are outside of it). The real question is whether or not you would get worthwhile views with the scope you described. And while I can't say for sure, there are a few indicators that it simply wouldn't be very good.

My advice - save up and get a 4.5 inch, 6 inch, or 8 inch dobsonian from a reputable dealer like orion.

Dana Said:

I want to build an electric car for fun.Were do I start? I have a plan/need help. GoGreen with ZERO EMMISIONS?

We Answered:

Most of your Specs have to deal with body parts and not drive train or electric parts. Typically for an electric vehicle the primary considerations are the batteries, the BMS, a controller and the motor.

Solar panels on a moving vehicle have the problem of being fairly inefficient. This is because they are almost never oriented correctly. Use solar panels in a stationary array aimed properly and transfer the power to the vehicle when possible.

110 volts is a cheaper way to charge batteries but it is fairly slow. A 240 volt higher amperage charger tends to be much quicker. The Tesla 70amp 240 volt charger can charge the 53 KWh batteries in 3.5 hours. The 110 charger would take 32 hours.

For the Chassis I think you mean to say "(steel)" and not "(steal)"

A cheaper way to go is to convert an existing body. Here are three three cheap conversion examples:…

A good site for a general discussion of motors, existing electrics and conversions is this one: http://www.electric-cars-are-for-girls.c…

and you can find a bunch of other sites that might be helpful at my answer to this question:;…

Good luck with it.

Rachel Said:

Hi i want to be a astronomer but theres no cubs arround me, the nearest one is 5 hours away, what should i do?

We Answered:

Here is my sincere advice to you. Be patient. Go to the nearest book store or library and pick up a good book with decent charts. I would recommend "Nightwatch" by Terence Dickinson. Go outside at night and use the charts to learn the night sky. If you have access to a pair of binoculars, use them to identify star clusters, planets, nebulae, etc. If there is anyone at all in your local area that is interested in amateur astronomy, see if you can arrange to look at a few objects through his scope, so you know what to expect. If you are concerned about doing this alone, take someone else along. It won't take more than an hour or two to at least see what things look like through an amateur scope, and that is information that will be valuable later on. It may be different than what you are thinking. Gain a good understanding of what is up there and when and where you can expect to see it. Once you know the sky, select a decent scope that you can afford and learn how to use it as well. It is sort of difficult to learn how to use a scope if you are not sufficiently familiar with the night sky to know where to point it, or if what you see is different than what you expected to see.

The scope you have described is not a bad choice. It's a pretty decent little scope, and it's fairly easy to set up and to use. But if you rush into this purchase, you are asking for frustration. This hobby demands patience. Now is the time to start.

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