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Cindy Said:

5 things you need to have to survive on the moon?

We Answered:

oxygen tanks-to breathe
water-cant last a week without it
stellar map-you can tell where your going by position of stars
fm transmitter-to send a signal to a base
food concentrate-to eat though you can last long without it

the compass no because the moon has no magnetic field. matches no because they need oxygen where there is none on the moon.a parachute no what for? milk no because you have water.a raft no just no. first aid kid no not important to be top 5.a rope same as pistol.a flare maybe im not sure.a heating unit i dont think you will need that to be in top 5.

and there you go

Seth Said:

When 2012 rolls around do you think there will be chaos in the streets, how can we survive this?

We Answered:

Unimaginable chaos will erupt sooner that 2012, and no it is not the 'end'. How to survive, get guns and food, and don't leave your house unless you have to. Stay away from large cities.

Lloyd Said:

i want to use 20 led's with 3.6v and 20 milli amp current. what is the best suitable solar pannel with specs.

We Answered:

Total energy needed

= 10hr x 20 leds x 3.6v x 0.020 Amp
= 14 watt-hr.

So the 3.6 volt battery should be atleast 3.8 AmpHr capacity.

Usually solar panels are made for 12 volt batteries. You can connect a 12 solar panel to 3.6 volts but you may over charge the battery. Even if you connect a 12 volt panel to 3.6 volt battery the panel will give you almost same current.

In short look for a panel with short-circuit current of

14 watt hr / 6 day light hr / 3.6 volts = more than 650 milli Amps.

It is going to be more complicated than what you think. You will have to use a diode so that your battery is not discharged during night via panel itself. Also you will need a power-zener diode of about 4 volts , in parallel to battery so that battery is not over charged.

Try ebay , you can find panel + battery combo easly that will give you 4.8 Volt. If you want to have fun try my idea.

Kent Said:

Setting up an extremly remote 3 part hybrid power system?

We Answered:

I'm building solar panels from scrap cells and there working out really good i have 2 panels on my roof now and working on the 3rd it takes time though . I have pics in my blog how im doing them really really cheap and I'm using 30 ordinary car batteries and getting plenty of power out of them got them at the junk yard cheap . I'm starting on my wind mill my own design out of junk parts . As far as the hydro depending on how well it flows i would run a 3 inch pipe up stream as far as i could go and get a 220 generator with a turban and adjust the speed with a plane old shut off valve hydraulics are great. You would have all the power you need as long as the river runs

Wanda Said:

How can I power a 5volt WiFi repeater with a 12volt Car Solar Panel?

We Answered:

You can buy a voltage regulator that will do what you want with a very simple circuit. Here's an example:…

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck!

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