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Walter Said:

In Greek Myth,what does Prometheus' stealing the light from Mount Olympus n giving it to the mortals refer to?

We Answered:

In Greek Mythology, when human existence were in it's primordial stages, humans had no fire because Zeus hid it when he was angered by them. Basically, Prometheus once played a trick on Zeus, making him choose between an ugly ox with delicious meat inside or a pretty meaty animal like a cow with nothing but bones inside. Zeus decided to judge by it's cover and went for the latter. Humans took this as a sign and in the future, they would offer bones and skins to the God's but keep the meat for themselves. So basically that's what got Zeus upset. Prometheus loved the human race, for he saw hope and love in them. So he stole fire on a torch and gave it to the humans. When discovered Prometheus was punished. Fire is a very powerful symbol, human progress did not begin until we established fire. It opened up the door to so many things. Like cooking food, melting metals, it gives us warmth in the winter, it helps us survive. It represents the start of civilization, progressive technology, our future. Prometheus gave humanity the ability to progress and to be independent of a God.

Ricardo Said:

Do you think there is any credibility to the prediction that 12/21/2012 will be catastrophic to the earth?

We Answered:

I just saw a big long History Channel deal on this the other day.

Did you know the Mayans were constantly adjusting their calendars year to year to "fit" the 12/21/12 end of the world scenario?

When you do look at all the evidence (as you said, the scientific evidence points to a very particular alignment of the sun and planets as I remember), it is a little frightening.

But I kind of don't believe in the inevitability of things like this.

Things change. You just never know.

I am not generally a glass-half-full type of personality, but after watching that show the other night, I kind of felt I had to be, or else I would be completely freaked out by the possibilities!

Norman Said:

Another poem about Mars...what do you think?

We Answered:

Sure, go with it and complete it.

Brittany Said:

Does anyone find this an interesting read?

We Answered:

No, not even remotely interesting

Evelyn Said:

What Solar racking system is best?

We Answered:

When I inquired information from unirack about this CLICKSYS racking they said that there is still some penetration that needs to be done just not as much, and the system is actually pretty heavy compared to. And also I dont think barrel and spanish tile mean too much to you, since we are talking commercial flat roof.

So if you really need something that is light and non penetrating like it sounds you do, then I for one would go with scirocco from hb solar. It has an awsome design, I seen it at the solar expo in anahiem, and as a matter of fact I am working with them right now on a 1MW system on a single flat roof commercial building. I'm pretty excited, this should boost my sales by alot becuase of all the static load problems we have here. hope i could be of help

Paul Rockerson
PV Installer

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