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Solar Heating System

Sheila Said:

cost of solar heating system?

We Answered:

call contractors in your area for quotes.

Armando Said:

So I saw an article that basically claimed that the rest of the solar system was heating up?

We Answered:

National Geographic: "Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says"…

DailyTech: "Global Warming on Mars -- and Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune"…


And finally, it's cyclic and is about to go the other way, says Ohio State University scientist:…

Enjoy the warm weather. It's not going to last :)

Cynthia Said:

sun hotter than ever + every planet in the solar system heating up =global warming ,no?

We Answered:

There is nothing to prove Global warming exists and isn't just the natural weather cycle. If it does exist, nothing exists that proves humans are the cause or part of the cause.

Some scientists were given a large grant to research this & claim humans could be part of the problem.

However, other scientists with far more expertise have proven Global Warming is hype and that the earth stopped warming-up in 1998.

Read this article. The author is a Professor in Geology and a world leading expert on the climate. His work has been backed by all major geologists.…

Brian Said:

solar water heating system?

We Answered:

What is your question?

Rodney Said:

ok...what would be the best liquid for a solar heating system? Water or Ethanol?

We Answered:

What type of solar heating system are you trying to use? Water heater for a pool? Heat collection system for electricity generation? Water heater for household usage (such as a shower)? Since it seems like you are going for a heat exchange system (such as would be used in electricity generation), I'll go over some of this usage. The heat collecting material is generally one that is A) liquid at the temperatures being dealt with, typically hundreds to thousands of degrees; B) has a high capacity for carrying heat. For instance water has a heat capacity of about 4.18J g?1 K?1. That is, it takes 4.18 joules of energy to heat one gram of water by 1 degree kelvin. This contrasts with Ethanol which has a specific heat of 2.44J g?1 K?1. One way to look at it is that water holds nearly twice the energy as ethanol at a given temperature.

Typically the materials used for this are either a non-volatile hydrocarbon (basically one that won't boil), a saturated salt solution, a molten salt solution, or a molten metal such as liquid sodium. Google "solar heat concentration system and see what it gives you. There's Quite a few different research projects goin on that you may find interesting!

SO I guess a short answer to your question, not knowing any details, is that water would be a MUCH better choice than ethanol for solar heating applications.

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