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Pool Solar Systems

Audrey Said:

Help with solar heated pool?

We Answered:

Typically your pool and house water systems are separate and this would apply to your solar heating system too.

Most solar pool heaters work off the existing pool pump that diverts some of the water to the solar array then back to the pool return line. They also have a thermo switch that is modifiable in setting. If the pool water temp is 85 and the thermo switch is set at 85 then the valve will not open to the array.

Be careful of this setting since your pool can get too hot and you will expereince high evaporation and chemical use to maintain a hotter pool.

You can also cool your pool down by running your pump at night and circulating the pool water to the solar array which will act as a radiator and cool the pool down. You may have to change the thermo switch to do this.

You're welcome!!

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