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Pool Solar System

Vickie Said:

Could we influence another natural satelite to continue orbit in our solar system?

We Answered:

If your interest is in the mineral resources, there is a science fiction novel, Thunderstrike, by Michael McCollum, which touches on this subject.

Aside from the costs with present-day technology, there is considerable danger associated with moving a huge object into earth orbit. What if we miss and it crashes into us?

Evelyn Said:

Can you swim in pool while saltwater system is running?

We Answered:

I find that really strange too. I have not heard of a salt generator that specifically forbids you to swim while it's running. Every salt generator I've run across doesn't care.
If that GFI is good and you tested it, I don't see why you can't swim. There certainly won't be any danger of electrocution. The salt cell itself shouldn't be leaking any stray current into the pool.
I'd actually give them a call and see if that wasn't a typo in the manual because that's just plain silly.

Alfred Said:

I am looking for an automatic solar cover system?

We Answered:

Your question is a little confusing, but I think you are talking about an automatic solar pool cover system and not an automatic solar collector cover system.

The Cover Pools System is probably the best and oldest in the business. There system uses an electric or hydraulic motor with a rope driven solar/safety cover (not chain driven), marine grade components and hardware and had various methods of mounting and concealing the mechanism. Sun Systems has something similar that might be worth looking into. Aquamatic has their Hydramatic pool cover system that is very similar, but uses hydraulic motors. Hydraulic motors are precision, high power motors like a power steering pump on a car, not like the graden hose driven devices found on much lower quality and less expensive pool cover systems.

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