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Pool Solar Heating Systems

Billie Said:

Pool experts in Illinois - HELP?

We Answered:

Avoid the pool pills.
Solar heating will take the bite out of the pool but not heat it like a hot tub. The fact that your pool is small works in your favor. The more panels, the more water gets heated. If you do mount it on the house roof be sure you have the valves that do not let the water flow backwards when the pump isn't running. You may have to upgrade your pump in horse power and style. Most above ground pool pumps are gravity fed, not self priming. Being as you are pushing the water up to the roof and through the panels, your pump may not handle it.
Investment and money wise? All depends on how intricate you want to go.

Herbert Said:

Solar parabolic dish collector for heating the water almost every day. Take a look?

We Answered:

I know that I built a solar panel system from scratch in North Wales, costing me just £50 in total. Okay, I did use some old plumbing parts such as a water storage tank, kindly donated off a plumber, but for 3/4 of the year, there was ample water for two people to take showers. The great thing was, that although the U.k> sees very little sun, the system worked.

I do think that solar water systems can be adapted to work in conjunction with geothermal water heating, and in doing so, totally eliminate any need for external heat sources for heating water.

On the parabolic dish however, although I have never tried it, I think there are much more efficient ways to heat water, as using a dish, you would only be heating a small amount of water at at time, whereas a tubed panel for instance, heats a greater amount of water than a dish could, and in all likely-hood, to the same or higher temperature too.

If you had the space, and you wanted to use the parabolic method, I would suggest using a parabolic trough instead of a dish, as the amount of water heated could be greatly increased. If you did decide to do this, think about surrounding your pipe which is to contain the water with a vacuum sealed glass tube, as this will increase your heat potential.

You could even make your own troughs, by cutting oil drums in half and lining them with a reflective foil.

If you want to know more, or if anyone does, feel free to contact me (click my avatar to reach my link)...

And Shreya, I'm flattered...

Roberto Said:

Copper Piping - Heating the Pool?

We Answered:

copper pipe will eventually develop a hole in pipe due to constantly flowing, plus it's expensive.Any pipe left in sunlight will be solar heated, even a garden hose. You could make a makeshift solar heater by getting some small diameter plastic pipe and put on roof ( which gets hot anyway) 200 ft of pipe w/slow moving water will probably work. If you can set recirculating pump to come on (and off) once an hour, it will give water time to heat better

Helen Said:

What size of pool pump do I need?

We Answered:

many solar panel lines have insufficient pipe size to carry all the return water coming from the filter.Install a bypass valve so that only some of the return water goes thru thepanels.Like a tee with one or two valves to throttlehow much water goes through the panels at any given time.a little known fact is that too high of aspeed thru the panels actually decreases how much heat you pick up.this is why a thermostat is needed ina car cooling system,in order to regulate water speed,preventing overheating.Water moving too fast cant pick up the heat thru convection.there is a thermostat available for solar panels but it isnt cheap(i think!).

Ethel Said:

Cost to build pool to Central California? salt water? heating? operating costs? builders?

We Answered:

I can't answer all of your questions, but I can help you out with some of them. I live in Sydney Australia so the climate is similar to your climate. I husband and I had a pool built about 10 years ago.
This is what we got.
Lagoon style below ground concrete pool and spa.
Gas heating.
Solar heating.
Saltwater chlorinator system.

First up, when you get a quote be prepared to pay a lot more money than the quote says. It shouldn't happen but it does.
I have been though 2 Saltwater chlorinator's and I will never buy another one again. They work fine until your have a few people in the pool. They don't chlorinate the pool fast enough to handle the load. It doesn't take long before the pool starts to go green while your swimming in there and then you have to run the pool filter for about 7 hours after everyone gets out to fix it up. If you have noise laws like we have here it makes it really hard to keep it clean.
For example if you have a evening pool party that goes late into the night you are not aloud to run the pool pump because of the noise. So the next day you come out to a pool going green and you have to wait hours for the pool Chlorinater to work. So what I have to do is top it up with real pool Chlorine to fix it up.

Solar Heating.
I have the type that is made of black hose rubber and laid all over the roof and glued into place.
Like the one in the site below.
We have lots of hot sunny days like where you live so the sun really takes it toll on the black rubber panels. I am always having to pay someone to plug holes and re-glue the rubber back down. The glue doesn't last long, very time we have a storm the wind blows the panels all over the place.

Maintenance is very expensive. Pool equipment doesn't last a long a you think it should. So far we have gone though 3 pool filter pumps, 2 pool cleaner pumps, 2 gas heaters, 2 Saltwater chlorinator's, pool lights and that just what I can remember off the top of my head.

The pool is a lagoon style so there are a few shallow ledges around the pool. Because of that the water evaporates faster than normal swimming pools and that cost more money on water bills. Depending how long you run the pool pumps its going to cost you a lot of money on your electricity bill. In winter when the pool isn't being used it's not to bad but in summer it costs a lot of money. In my case the bill makes my wont to cry when I see it.

I don't want to put you off getting a swimming pool because we have a years of fun in our swimming pool and the kids have loved having there friends over for pool party's but it is going to cost you good hard earned money to run your pool. If you can afford it you are going to love your pool.
from Noelene Sydney Aus.

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