Pictures Of Solar System Projects

Ricky Said:

How to raise funds to a new Cultural ”Earth-Space” Project, and to find people who wish to help with that?

We Answered:

sorry no - what about contacting universities which have space/science subjects!

Gina Said:

Solar system including the asteroid belt and the comets?

We Answered:

Depends on what you're making.

There are 8 planets, 5 identified "Dwarf" planets, and uncounted THOUSANDS of asteroids and comets, far too many to name.

In order of increasing distance from the sun, the planets and dwarfs are:

Ceres (dwarf) (also, in asteroid belt)
Pluto (dwarf) (also, in kuiper belt with comets)
Haumea (dwarf) (also, in kuiper belt with comets)
Mkemake (dwarf) (also, in kuiper belt with comets)
Eris (dwarf) (in "scattered disc" of comets and objects beyond the kuiper belt)

Beyond this is a sphere of distant comets known as the Oort cloud.

Courtney Said:

How to raise funds to a new Cultural "Space Age" Project, and to find people who wish to work with that?

We Answered:

no idea, wasn't this asked b4?

Sonia Said:

I need a creative name for a project, your help appreciated!!?

We Answered:

mily ways and rocky belts

Tanya Said:

Where can I find funds & volunteers to a cultural "Space Project"?

We Answered:

I could donate some thorazine.

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