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Make Solar Power

Melvin Said:

how can a 10th grade student possibly make a solar-powered ice maker? or do u have any suggestions fr IP?

We Answered:

The easiest way would be to use a solar electric panel and hook it up to a thermoelectric cooling module.

An absorption refrigeration cycle will also work, however I would not attempt one without extensive planing. It would be quite the task for an engineer let alone a 10th grader.

If you are trying to do something innovative, i would recommend using a combination of evaporative cooling and heat exchangers. Cant give ya too many tips or it wouldnt be any fun :)

Best of Luck

Amber Said:

How to make a solar powdered toy car?

We Answered:

i am a technology education teacher, there are countless websites that offer everything from parts to complete kits, most are inexpensive, just do a little research and you will for sure find what you are looking for.

Nicole Said:

I need to make something solar powered at a grade 4 level?

We Answered:

Get an aquarium and one of those little "air wheels" (The little plastic wheel that you put in an aquarium that is usually turned by the air bubbling).

Put a dark bowl 1/2 full of water in one end of the aquarium.

Put the wheel on the other end.

Cover the aquarium with plastic food wrap, pull it tight and duct tape it down.

Put a small rock on the plastic wrap over the wheel (You will need to move it around until you find the perfect spot)

Put the bowl end in the sun and the wheel end in the shade.


Sun evaporates the water. The water vapor condenses on the plastic wrap and runs "down hill" to the low spot caused by the rock. Water drips off the plastic and turns the wheel.

This is not very sophisticated, but you did say Grade 4.

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