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Hybrid Solar Systems

Josephine Said:

how do i design solar and AC hybrid system?

We Answered:

you need to be more explicit.

With the solar and battery, why do you need AC (assuming it means AC line power) ?

Is the solar panel and/or battery underpowered so you need to operate on AC part of the time?

Easiest way to do this that I can see, is a relay that is powered from the battery and controls the power to the motor. When the battery drops below a certain voltage, the relay turns off, which switches the power to the motor to the AC line, instead of the inverter from the battery.

So you have:
solar array connected to charge controller, which is connected to the battery.
Also connected to the battery is an inverter which generates AC. This AC goes via a relay to the motor.
The voltage on the battery is monitored via a circuit that controls the relay. Or, possibly, a signal from the charge controller controls the relay. The latter would be better if the charge controller generates a "low battery" signal.

But if the panel or battery is undersized, then you may not need a charge controller. However, if there is a possibility of the battery getting over charged and damaged, (say if the pump shuts off) then you do need the controller.


James Said:

how to calculate carbon credit for a hybrid solar wind system?

We Answered:

Hi Kenchi

In very rough terms you need to work how how many MWh the system is likely to create in a year, then compare that to a non-renewable source (like coal), and you'll have the amount.

For example, a 450kw system operating on about 30% (due to downtimes from night and/or no wind, etc) would produce about 3.24MWh per day (450 X 24 X 0.3) - or about 1,200MWh per year.

Most coal power stations produce about 1.4 tonnes of CO2 per MWh of electricity they generate, so you sohuld be able to times your 1,200MWh by 1.4 to find out how many carbon credits the system will produce per year - or in this case, about 1,600.

Also, some countries allow the first 15 years of operation to be claimed in advance. I'm not sure of the situation in India. But if so, the system would be good for about 25,000. And assuming the price of the credit is say... US$30 each, the carbon credits would be worth about US$750,000.

Hope that helps

Herbert Said:

About solar-wind hybrid system?

We Answered:

Yes there are circuits for bringing two supply sources to supply one load. You can in the net.

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