How To Make A Model Of The Solar System

Morris Said:

How to make a gravity model?

We Answered:

The first thing that comes to my mind is a hyperbolic funnel. It imitates the way gravity gets weaker as you get farther away from Earth (or the Sun or whatever). I have seen these on display (see the first source), but they look hard to make and expensive to buy. The 2nd source says it is a model you can download, but I can't figure out how to open it.

Vickie Said:

One time an atheist friend of Newton’s came over and saw this scale model of the solar system that Newton had.?

We Answered:

Source, because I don't buy it. That sounds nothing like Newton, and like a very stereotypical, straw man atheist made up for easy arguments.

It's still hearsay, but thank you for the link. First, there weren't a lot of outspoken atheists in those days. Secondly, just because an atheist of Newton's day could not explain the universe without a god does not mean it is unexplainable. There have been leaps and bounds made in scientific discoveries since Newton.

This anecdote takes place before the Theory of Evolution, before the Big Bang theory, before the Theory of Relativity (which challenges Newton's own theory), before String/M theory, before the Cyclic model.

Even if it's true, it means nothing. It's a cute story at best.

The amount of answers does not make or break an argument. Explain to me why this story means anything. Newton died nearly 300 years ago. If you don't understand that science has evolved since then, I don't know what to tell you.

And on a purely logical level, Newton's argument makes no sense. His argument is basically, because this simple model has a creator then that must mean that the universe, being more complex, must have a creator.

But the God argument runs into that same problem, what created God? If Newton honestly followed his line of logic, then he would have to confront that problem. If he argues that God is eternal and needs no creator, than he must accept that the Cosmos too could be eternal and need no creator. To argue that only his explanation can be eternal would be hypocritical.

Well, that's the wall of this debate. How can you prove or disprove something that is
a) outside of time and space and
b) lacking a specific definition
I'm not exactly sure how I could define a god, and without a working concrete definition, I can neither prove nor disprove the existence of one.

Herbert Said:

similarity between planets of the solar system and electrons in an atom?

We Answered:

you have an interesting point, yes the similarity is that the nucleus has a much greater mass than the electrons, so revolve around it, most of an atom is empty space and most of the solar system is yes

however they differ in the fact that the nucleus has a posotive charge, because of the protons, and the electrons are negativly charged, which planets have neither.

also electrons have the same measurable mass, planets dont

electrons orbit the nucleus in shells meaning that they have the same line of orbit, in that shell, (2 per first 8 per rest)

Daniel Said:

Do styrofoam balls disentegrate when painted with spray paint? If so, how do you paint them?

We Answered:

Petroleum based paint products will dissolve styrofoam products.

Go to an art supply store and ask for a water based spray paint.

Mary Said:

How do I make a model of planet ERIS - UB313?

We Answered:

To be honest it so far away there is no way to tell whats on the surface, I can tell you that it is a small ball of Ice, And that is the way I would go about it, Make a ball shape in some fome, then fill with water and freeze, you could even us dry ice to give it that uh ah effect.

Susan Said:

How can I get help for my childs science project?

We Answered:

find it inthe the encyclopedia or in the internet then make a model of solar system.

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