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Electric Solar Systems

Allen Said:

Does anyone know anything about Solar panels?

We Answered:

Generally, a photo-voltaic system will cost you between $3 to $5 per Watt, installed. I

t's not so much a big deal to install them over an existing electric system, as federal regulations requires utilities to allow people to install solar systems if they wish. However, you will be required to have an automatic disconnect.

Yes, solar systems do work and depending on the cost of electricity in your area, may be worth the money. California has a good solar index and high electrical prices, making solar systems very attractive with a decent payback time.

Photo voltaic solar panels use the properties of semiconductors to produce electricity. As the surface of the semiconductors are struck by photons of light energy, electron flow is generated, thus producing DC power. This DC power is then converted into AC power, through an inverter, which the systems in your house can now use.

A solar system can replace the original electrical supply or work in conjunction with it.

For more information on solar power, and other forms of alternative power, check out the website listed below.

Christy Said:

How big is the carbon footprint for one kilowat?

We Answered:

On average... one kilowatt-hour purchased in the United States creates a little over 1 pound of carbon dioxide.

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