Build Solar System Model

Kurt Said:

Need ideas on what to use to build a 3-d model of the solar system for school project.... and what to do....?

We Answered:

Traditional materials are coathanger wire , Styrofoam balls from the craft store, and spray paint

use google images " our solar system"

Monica Said:

If u were 2 build a scale model of the solar system which of the following choice might be our biggest problem?

We Answered:

C is the answer for certain. Let us make a 1/4,500,000,000 scale model with the following sizes!
Sun is 12" or 1'-0" in diameter-----0
Mercury is 0.043"----41'
Venus is 0.105"------78'
Earth is 0.110"- ----107'
Mars is 0.058"------163'
Ceres (asteroid) is 0.0062"---300'
Jupiter is 1.2"-------560'
Saturn is 1.0"------1000'
Uranus is 0.42"----2050'
Neptune is 0.41"----3200'
Pluto is 0.019"-----4250'
As you can see, it is easy to draw the Sun, planets, etc., but it takes much space to have them the proper distances from one another, For this model, one needs an area in which he can draw a 8500 feet diameter cricle for Pluto's orbit. Our Moon is 0.033" in diameter and 6.5" from earth in this model. How about other stars? On this model, Alpha Centauri the nearest star system to us is 5500 miles away. We can add about 8000 of the nearest stars to the model, if we can place them between here and the Moon 238,000 miles away. This model gives us an idea of the vastness of our part of the Milky Way Galaxy, I trust.

Ida Said:

If you were to build a scale model of the solar system?

We Answered:

The vast distances. The Museum of Science in Boston actually built a scale model of the solar system, the sun is a few feet in diameter and is directly above the museum. Mercury, Venus and Earth are in the immediate neighborhood of the museum. (Only Mercury is in the Museum itself) Pluto is about the size of a pea and is in a train station over ten miles away

Maria Said:

Build a model solar system?

We Answered:

Whether you are making a very very large model or the components are very very tiny I don't know!; a true scale solar system model will take up a great deal of space. I think it is often over looked just how large the distances between planets really are in comparison to the diameters of the planets. Consider this; the diametre of the Earth is approx 13,000km. The distance from the Sun to Jupiter is 778,300,000km.

If I were you I would save your money for something else. Perhaps a telescope; the real thing is bound to be more interesting than a model afterall!

Aaron Said:

If I build a scale model of the Solar System with the Sun 50 feet in diameter, how far away will Pluto be?

We Answered:

40 miles away

Mercury is 0.4 miles away
Venus at 0.7
Earth 1 mile
Mars 1.5
Jupiter 5.3
Saturn ?
Uranus 19.5
Neptune 30.6…

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