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Solar Powered Homes

Vivian Said:

What besides a car can be solar powered? 10 Points!!!!!?

We Answered:

Install enough solar panels on your roof so that your home relies 100% on solar energy and you are off the grid. Then technically every appliance in your home is powered by solar energy!

Glenda Said:

does anybody know how many homes are powered by...?

We Answered:

You can probably find some statistics about the "energy mix" of the US or your state. There you should be able to check what kinds of energy sources are being used. If you know how many people are living in that area, you can calculate how many people are getting their energy from stuff like solar panels.

Energy in the US is pretty cheap so usually it won't make too much sense to use solar panels yet. The technology is not very advanced yet and very expensive. Wind energy is more efficient. (but a wind power station costs quite a lot of course ;))

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