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Solar Powered Energy

Steve Said:

solar powered?

We Answered:

Anything outdoors, that is very far away from an electrical outlet, is a particularly good candidate for solar power. It can be expensive to run power cables long distances. So solar is often used for remote water pumps for animal troughs in fields, or lighting road signs on remote roads or even yard lighting.

Obviously, anything CAN be powered by solar energy. But these are the sort of applications where solar power is currently very cost effective - and thus where solar is used a lot.

Marc Said:

what exactly is solar powered energy?

We Answered:

Light consists, at least in part of photons. Photons excite photoelectric cells. Excitation in photoelectric cells induce electric current. Electric current is charges and is stored in storage battery or otherwise put into electric grid for immediate use.

Alicia Said:

question about solar powered energy & lightning?

We Answered:

Storage batteries!

You can have solar powered lighting, using batteries (or larger scale, pump storage like "electric mountain") charged by daytime solar power.

After all, many forms of sustainable energy are not guaranteed continuous delivery, so large scale power storage is the challenge.

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