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Solar Powered Candles

Kim Said:

What is the initial and final energy used for the following?

We Answered:

flashliight: electro-chemical (battery) --> light, heat

car: thermo-chemical (gas) --> electronic, light, heat, kinetic motion

candle: thermo-chemical (fat/wax) --> light, heat

campfires: thermochemical (bio-molecules) --> light, heat

Wallace Said:

Could a flame from a candle be used to charge a solar power thing?

We Answered:

depends on how efficient the solar cell is. the power from a candle is very small. about 1 BTU, british thermal unit, that is how energy is measured. ie the furnace to heat your house could be about 100,000 BTU's so anyway a candle may put off enough light to power a calculator but they are made to work in very low light. so it depends on what you are wanting to charge. most likely it wont be enough energy.

Cindy Said:

Is there any data or weather service that measures lux or the amount of sunlight?

We Answered:

Try this site…

I do know that the NWS does have a product used primarily in the south and southwest where they forcast the UV Index
try also this site…

Lorraine Said:

How much lighting do I need?

We Answered:

Check out what the moon phase will be that day.

Less moon more light.

Set an area up that has more lighting and perhaps a reflective material in a spot.

Don't eliminate the throught of some citronella to keep pests away.

Minnie Said:

When God said Let There Be Light Is that the day He learned atheists needed more than electricity to believe?

We Answered:

The atheist cannot deny that when a realization comes, it flashes as light upon his mind and the realization is a completeness, not broken up into thought, like limited mind.

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