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Solar Power Lamps

Melvin Said:

Using solar lamps economical in India or its just to be used in remote places where no power supply there?

We Answered:

hi buddy. with today's technology, i think the use of solar energy as the primary source is uneconomical.the problem is that the storage of solar energy is difficult. moreover, solar energy is available only during day time. but it is advisable in remote areas where other means of energy supply is a Herculean task.

Jenny Said:

Do solar lawn lamps charge while power switch is off?

We Answered:

Mine don't . I took one of them apart to see how it worked and if the switch is off the solar cell is not connected to the light or the batteries.

The ones I have uses a diode which has voltage limits is how it turns off the light in the day light. A diode has a voltage range and when the voltage is over the set voltage the light will turn off. An extra wire is ran from the switch to the batteries so the they keep charging when the light is off. Really cool setup.

Fernando Said:

can any lamps power solar itmes?

We Answered:

Any lamp will work, the brighter the better.


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