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Solar Power House

Glenn Said:

I want to run my house fully on solar power including AC's?

We Answered:

You need to do a loads list that lists how many watts each of those components draw, and for how many hours a day. You also need to consider if any of them run on 220V instead of 110V (in the US), often the water heater and pump are 220V. You can do that on this calculator,… Once you know how many watt hours you need a day, you can enter it in the off-grid calculator at…

Alternately, if you are buying electricity from the electric grid now, you can look at your electric bill and see how many kilowatt hours (kwh) a month you use, and divide it by 30 days to see how much you use a day. Then enter that number in the off-grid calculator.

If you do have access to the electric grid, it doesn't make sense to disconnect from the grid, it is less expensive to continue with them, sell them any extra you make and buy back any more that you need. You would use them as your battery bank.

Also, and most importantly, instead of using solar electric to heat your water, you should get solar water heating instead of using electricity to heat it. It's much more efficient and less expensive. You should also be using CFL or LED lights instead of regular incandescent lights. It'll save you a fortune.

Vera Said:

what would be the cheapest way to power my house with solar or wind?

We Answered:

I say, it depends. Because of the fact that the effect of these two alternative power sources are very circumstantial. If you live in a rather sunny region, then go for the solar but if your in the windy and/or cloudy part, then go for the wind. Check your areas climate, it should help you decide.

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