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Solar Power For Sale

Roberto Said:

What are whole sale sheet metal prices?

We Answered:

prices will vary depending on location and metal prices are fluctuating on daily basis. you can try http://www.scrapmetalpricesandauctions.c… and go to the iron and steel page to see current prices

Jessie Said:

Is there a Pinetrail Nvidia Ion 2 netbook out for sale yet?

We Answered:

I have not been able to find the ASUS 1201PN.
This is suppose to be the first one with the new Ion Gpu and Pinetrail.

There's a report that Asus support is live for this product.…

Andrew Said:

solar power car?

We Answered:

You can indeed drive a solar car. You need an electric car, and a solar panel to charge it. Here's how to find an electric vehicle conversion for as little as $5000:
Conversions are normal cars that have been converted to electricity. This is the kind of electric car I drive. They can be found inexpensively, they do freeway speeds, and look like normal cars. You never see these for sale because our culture does not seem to value this technology - so cars like this are built by small entrepreneurs, and sold by word of mouth, or on the internet.
You can also save money on solar panels by buying used ones. I would look for something at least 200 watts, so plan on spending about $1000. Here's a page about used solar panels:
Don't try to mount this on your car - it's too big. Put it on your garage instead, and charge when you're parked.
You probably won't be able to get all your driving electricity from the sun, but don't worry. Grid electricity is still lots cheaper than gas. It costs me only a penny or two per mile in electricity cost to drive around. With a solar panel, you might be able to drive for almost ZERO. It's pretty hard to beat that!

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