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Solar Power Electric

Sidney Said:

If America is serious about global warming why doesnt it use solar powered electric chairs for executions?

We Answered:

A more environmentally friendly solution might be to use an electrical generator connected to a fat screw peddling a bicycle at high revs.slow cooking is now trendy why not slow electrocutions?

Karl Said:

Why don't they invent a solar-powered electric chair?

We Answered:

Hey, why not tie them with leather straps to poles in the desert sun....that would be "solar" I am sure it would power up heTexans who would love to watch.

Nathaniel Said:

What about a solar powered electric fence on the border?

We Answered:

considering it can be bypassed with $10 in copper wire..not very reliable.

An electric fence works best in conjunction with more traditional barriers, just look at the dmz along the korean border.

Beverly Said:

If yanks are serious about climate change why dont they use solar powered electric chairs to fry?

We Answered:

Use of the chair has fallen rapidly in recent years as more states have switched to lethal injection as their primary or sole method of execution. Only a handful of states now retain electrocution as a option, and there is just one state which still has it as its sole method.

However, from a technical point of view, the amount of power used isn't all that great compared to overall energy consumption. Let's take some generous figures and assume three 30-second jolts at 2400 volts, each of which results in a current of 10 amps. That's 24kW of power, and we'll add another 10% for conversion losses in the equipment and call it 26.4kW. For 90 seconds in total, that works out to 0.66kW/hr. of electricity -- The same amount of energy it would take to keep a 100-watt lamp lit for approx. 6-1/2 hours, or to run a one-bar electric heater (1kW) for about 40 minutes. And that's being VERY liberal with the initial figures, since in practice the current will average considerably less than 10 amps, the initial voltage is often lower than 2400V, and on many systems the voltage is automatically dropped back to a few hundred volts after the first few seconds. On average, we're probably looking more along the lines of the same amount of power it would take to run a 100W lightbulb for a couple of hours. Installating solar panels for that amount of power to be used just a few times a year would be quite impractical.

Solar panels aren't yet QUITE as "green" as many people seem to believe anyway. Efficiency is improving gradually, but we're still only just about reaching the point where for the largest PV panels the energy one can expect to gather during their useful life equals the amount of energy expended in their manufacture (the firing of the silica base to make the cells requires huge amounts of heat).

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