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Solar Power Charger

Freddie Said:

Buying an iphone solar power charger?

We Answered:

it depends on what solar charger you use.

i have one and it works well with my nokia 5800

Tammy Said:

solar power charger works or not???

We Answered:

Your alternator can give out around 750 watts, your 2 watt charger is not going to do much is it? How will it make your battery last longer? Once the engine is running you could remove the battery, the car will still run. (I know removing it will damage the alternator, engine will still run)

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Solar Power Charger are different when system of solar power change. You told about some solar power charger in this article and it's really good for me that i have this information. It's quite good and very helpful for me because summar near to come and i have plan to have solar system at my home.

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