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Solar Power Backup

Velma Said:

Do people understand that even if we had Solar and Wind power, we would need a CONSTANT backup supply?

We Answered:

There isn't a single silver bullet to solve the energy problems, no one solution can replace the non-renewable fuels. But we can use less, a lot less.

* Solar and wind are allowing us to generate some power so that less coal and nuke power is needed.
* Energy conservation also reduces the amount of power needed.
* Geothermal is a wonderful way to use less energy for heating and cooling houses.
* Solar water heating can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your water.
* Solar air heating can reduce your energy used for heating the building.
* Weatherizing can reduce the amount of heat and cold that you are wasting through leaks in the building.
* High Efficiency vehicle can use less gas.

I cut my electric usage in half with solar water and air heating, as well as sealing the leaks in my house. Imagine if more people did that...

Less is more!

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