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Solar Power Advantages And Disadvantages

Dora Said:

what are some advantages and disadvantages for solar power?

We Answered:

solar energy is free, but the equipment to obtain it is expensive, renewable
you need to live in an area that has a lot of solar, not cloudy or shaded
solar is very clean, no carbon emissions
solar can be used for heat or to make electricity
solar energy is very spread out, allowing only about 1 watt/square meter
we can use solar through plants absorbing it
you can use passive or active solar collection
useful in satellites and small appliances
used in areas with a lot of sun like deserts
requires large stores of batteries, to store elecricity to use at night

Don Said:

What are some Advantages and Disadvantages to using Solar power?

We Answered:

Advantge: you (we) would not have to use the earths resources for energy (heat, travel, etc).
Disadvantage: you (we) have limited/different sunlight in different regions of the world. Areas south of the equator will flourish, while areas like Canada could suffer. Even Alaska, could do very well for 1/2 of the year. But then when alaska ends up with their 6 months of night (dark) the ywould suffer from a lack of solar energy.

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Nihonarubaito said:

The rising and setting of the sun is to a great degree reliable. The whole way across the world, we know precisely when it will rise and set each day of the year.

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