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Solar Panel System

Ramon Said:

How do I calculate the amps that are produced by a 50w solar panel on a 12 v system.?

We Answered:

well, Watts=Volts x Amps. Therfore Amps=Watts/Volts.
So the answer is 50W/12V= 4.1667 A

Kay Said:

Please Verify Solar Panel System Hookup?

We Answered:

I wasn't aware of any panels that had built in regulators. Usually there is an external charge regulator that controls the voltage and current to the battery. The best ones have a DC-DC converter for optimal efficiency.

Make sure they all have equal amounts of sun, as the will change the readings by a lot.

30mA, do you mean charging current? that is very very low. these must be very small panels. Usual output is amps. But, if this is a 12 volt battery, how can you be getting 41 volts or even 20 volts if it is connected to the battery? The battery will not allow voltages higher than 14-15 volts as long as it is healthy.

puzzling. I'd trace the wiring on the 41 volt one, perhaps it is in series.

lots of puzzles, more details and schematics would help.

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