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Solar Panel Efficiency

Stephanie Said:

Solar lighting ....... technical info ...please.?

We Answered:

No. You could move the panel away 2-3 yards without a current loss. Technical Info? Well there would be a very slight voltage drop, but probably would not be measurable in 2-3 yards unless you used a really small conductor.

Bonnie Said:

Measure Energy Efficiency?

We Answered:

The output is going to be measured in wattage. This is going to be done with a multi meter. First measure the voltage by connecting the leads of the multimeter to the leads of the LED. Then measure current by opening the circuit to the LED and closing it through the multimeter. Multiply voltage and current to get wattage.

Now the input. This is a little more tricky. I would also measure the wattage of the input. You can do this with the blow dryer and the lamp. You will have to also measure the current of both of these. Be very are dealing with a great deal of current and voltage. Then measure the voltage of the outlet you used or you can just use 110 volts. Multiple voltage and current and that is your input wattage. The faucet is going to be the most tricky. The best I can come up with is to measure the joule/sec. of the faucet and convert it using this formula...1J/s = 1 W. I will post the formula to get the energy of the faucet when I get it.

Ellen Said:

Converting between foot candles and watts per square meter?

We Answered:

One footcandle is equal to 10.76 lux
1Lux=0.001496 watts/sq. meter

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