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Solar Electric Power Systems

Kathryn Said:

How much power an electric pumpset (0.5 hp capacity) will consume in units per hour?

We Answered:

0.5 HP is about 400 watts. For 1/2 hour, that is 200 watt hours, or 0.2 kW-hours.

I don't know what you mean by "units" or "units per hour", but I suspect you mean 0.2 kW-hours, which would cost about 2¢ US per day, or 60¢ per month. You have to look up your electricity cost and make your own comversion.


Felix Said:

Can hydraulics be used to propel an object forward?

We Answered:

sure, you could take the electric power and use that to drive an electric motor and have that drive a hydraulic generator, and use that to drive an hydraulic motor that drove the wheels.

But why? The efficiency would be low because of all the steps, and the control over the speed would be not as good as it would be with electric motors driving the wheels.

I don't think you can adapt a hydraulic motor to regenerate braking power, and even if you could, you would need a large hydraulic storage facility.

Not practical.


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