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Small Solar Panel

Tom Said:

how do u make a small solar panel out of every day house hold stuff?

We Answered:

You gather all the everyday household stuff together - hold a garage sale - and then go and buy a solar panel.

June Said:

can a small solar panel be charged with lamps?

We Answered:

That would depend on the frequency that the solar panel accepts and the frequency of light that your lamp gives out. It may or may not work. The sun gives out a much broader spectrum of light, which is why solar panels are much more effective in sunlight. I have seen solar panels charged by lamps, but it usually doesn't work that well and I have never seen it work with fluorescent lighting.

Lynn Said:

Can i get a small solar panel anywhere?

We Answered:

There a places on line that stock and selll just about everything electronic. Look around their websites and find what you need.

The major players are

You don't say what kind of model you want to run, so we can't give you any real advice in this area. You probably and a panel that will output a similar voltage and current that the present battery supplies.

Look a the "datasheets" for any panel you are considering. These have everything you need to know about the panels-voltage, current, physical size, etc. These can become confusing, but you will get used to them after a while.

Good luck!

Angel Said:

Is there a small solar panel to power a kids fort?

We Answered:

What are you wanting to power with it?
A light?
AC Power or DC powered?

You will end up needing for a DC voltage only system:
a battery AGM or GEL type…

a solar panel…

a charge controller to keep the battery from over charging.…

For an AC voltage system you will need to add an Inverter to the works.

Remember with kids you could end up with a fire or an electric shock. You might want to think about getting a note from the other kids mom or dad saying you are not responsible for injury or death before you allow them into it.

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