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Information On Solar Power

Nellie Said:

solar panel ?'s 220v used to power lighting only in phillipines?

We Answered:

What you are asking- power for just a few lights- is a good use for solar power.

You will need a few panels, a battery storage unit, and some low voltage lights. Very doable!

They make 12V panels that are sufficient for charging a 13.8V car battery, which he can get easily and is a reliable and rechargeable power source. There is plenty of automobile lights, like dome lights, front and rear turn signal and night lights from cars that would be easy to get, as well. You would only need to furnish him the solar panels and, perhaps, the lamp holders from your local Walmart or auto supply house.

What a great idea for your dad. You are a good son!

I would be happy to help you with this project when I get back from Europe next week, if you would like. I have some good sources for the panels in my lab in Virginia. Email me if you would like help. I was stationed in the Philippines when I was in the navy and came to really love the Philippine people!

Discuss It! said:

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