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How To Build A Solar Power System

Glen Said:

How do I build a wind turbine with free instructions on how to safely use it?

We Answered:

Just visit some salvage yards and buy a used car alternator (any brand or model will work) and then connect it to a salvaged prop from an airplane. One thats been slightly damaged that might not be efficient or safe enough for flight would be perfect. Then couple it directly or with a pulley to the alternator, and use that system to charge a 12 volt car battery. Then connect the battery to an "inverter" you buy at Wal Mart etc. and used the invertor to to run your computer or TV or whatever with free wind energy!!!

Vicki Said:

Chemistry hw, need help answering questions on nuclear power plants?

We Answered:


Radiation in case of malfunction and safety systems failure.
Hazardous nuclear waste disposal
Highly sophisticated and advanced systems required for protection and control

The fuel handling is very easy
Saving of our fossil fuels
Reliable power generation

Normally the nuclear power plants are installed near sea shores or rivers in the areas where there is no residency

Tom Said:

power sources..(electricity for one person livin in a small flat)?

We Answered:

This site has some very good information:

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