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How Solar Power Works

Jared Said:

what is solar power plant?

We Answered:

Solar power plants collect sunlight and convert it into electrical energy.

There are two ways they work:

1- Photovoltaic cells will produce electricity directly when light shines on them.

2- Some plants focus light onto water or synthetic oil, and boil it to drive a turbine.

To learn more, try using google.

Jerome Said:

What is the method of a Solar Power and how it works?

We Answered:

In the USA the sun is in the southern sky all day so face your solar collector that way. My house is all glass on the south side so the sun shines in and heats the house. That is solar powered heating. i have a friend who pumps water up on his roof and s the water pours down in a black case the sun shines on it and heats the water so his water heater doesn't have to use electricity as much. There is also solar-electric power. The sn shines on a black silicon panel that turns sun light into electricity. Enough shines on a car in a day to drive the car 12 miles if it had solar panels on it.

Casey Said:

I need someone that works in the solar power industry?

We Answered:

I work at the altE Store. We're a web based store that sells alternative energy products to homeowners and installers. I take calls from people all over the world looking for information about using solar or wind power for their homes. I put together custom system designs for them, and help them with technical questions.

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