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Facts About Solar Power

Sherry Said:

Information about greenhouse gas emissions?

We Answered:
it is the most reliable site for global warming info. u can also consult

Manuel Said:

The Age of Steam, the come-back of all come-backs?

We Answered:

every engine with the exception of internal compbustion engine is a steam engine...even a nuclear sub engine is basically a hot steam engine the age of steam issue well lets correct the assumption that the age of steam is dead, with the age of the coal driven locomotive is dead

Jessie Said:

Is there a biological reason for why humans sleep?

We Answered:

we all humans are diurnal living being. We have our own biological clock which set our sleeping habit at night time & awake at day time.

I found an interesting site below that could explain more about human sleeping behavior.

Robert Said:

What is CERN'S electric bill like? (Large Hadron Collider)?

We Answered:

You are very far from the count.
7 TeV is the energy of a single proton.
There are quite a few protons in the LHC (check yourself) and the problem is not so much to accelerate them than to keep them on their orbits, compensate for the losses in radiation and keep the protons tightly bunched. Which, given their energies, means large magnetic fields which are supplied by electromagnets and powerful accelerating cavities.. Magnets are superconducting, and so are the accelerating cavities. It allows to spare a lot of power which would otherwise be lost in heat, but the necessary power for operating the cavities has to be fed in anyway and the cooling of 27km of apparatus to 1.9 kelvin is not for free. In total, its consumption is about the same as that of the city of Geneva.

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