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China Solar Power

Nathan Said:

How China can beat a declining America?

We Answered:

The proof is in the pudding. China is not dynamic despite dynamo potential. They have to learn to do all things better, not merely well. This is a huge task for a country who has billions of people. China's population is aging which will strain the already sparse health system. China needs medicine and consumer oriented health expertise throughout some of the villages and hamlets of the many provinces that are throughout China. China is next door to a crumbling North Korea, whose people will flood China with exiles should the country collapse. Increasingly the country suffers from devastating earthquakes. Seventy five percent of the world is water. China's navy can patrol the disputed China sea, a year ago it was with maritime fishing boats, harassing a U.S. vessel.
China is an export country. The U.S. is an import country, right? Who else in the world has the infrastructure to absorb Chinese exports, that would be trains, shipping, like UPS, FEDEX, the U.S. Postal system, waterways for shipping and mature docks, a robust trucking industry. Who else in the world can do such a thing, anytime soon? Russia? Do you think any of the Arab states? They can't because they are geared towards energy. They do not have the land mass to dock product, but they are capable in commodities. France is the size of Texas, Spain the size of New York, Germany the land mass of Wyoming or Utah. Combine all of the European states and they do not have the package to receive delivery from China's massive production processes. Nor do they have a unified government that gives them the best chance to function in unison. This too hampers NATO.
Africa is rife with corruption, full of potential, but not yet ready. America has to rethink some things, re-write and re-invent critical banking regulations, a cracked U.S. constitution is an issue and rejuvenate a brave but weary military who has been at war for a decade, first in Bosnia, then Iraq and still Afghanistan. If sports is analogous to countries, teams have their ups and downs, but being down does not mean being out in the world of competition. America can be beat, but so can China.

Maureen Said:

China's Suntech Power had a bright 1st quarter - what are some China solar stocks to consider buying?

We Answered:

It's a shame that in this great country with energy problems that we look to foreign companies to even help us with solar power projects.
A crying shame and the reason this country is in such trouble.

Just my input, my friend.

Denise Said:

Do you think China will go Nuke Power or solar power?

We Answered:

I doubt they'll go solar, doesnt provide nearly enough power for a nation the size of China.

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China is going on and on towards the development. They export various kinds of products all over the world. They have a huge number of population as they man power. There are many sectors where China and America are different from each other.

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Manpower and export of china are unbelievable.Very small to big things are exported by china.They are going to be the first economy in the country. To hold this position china needs to produce atomic power plant rather than solar energy.Solar energy is absolutely necessary where cable line is not possible to setup.

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You have provided an interesting article. It is true that despite the dynamo potential of the country, it still needs time to become the one.

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China is indeed doing good in form of manufacturing affordable product compared with their counterpart in America.

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China is indeed doing good in form of manufacturing affordable product compared with their counterpart in America.

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