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Solar Panels Hot Water

Edna Said:

Solar panels for hot water,heating etc. any info tks?

We Answered:

I know of 2 different products that are both called "Solar Panels".

First is essentially a black container filled with water. It gets hot in the sun, and heats the water inside of it. You can use that hot water to warm up a swimming pool or take outdoor showers.

The second, and more appropriate definition of a Solar Panel is a device that generates electric power when exposed to light. The generated electricity goes into your house circuit for general household use. If you generate more power than your house uses, your electric meter will run backwards -- i.e, you will be selling power back to your electric company. Many states (incl. CA, NY, FL) pay generous subsidies to home owners who install such solar electric systems.

Raul Said:

Is it better to store solar energy into ice or hot water?

We Answered:

If you're away from the grid, I think it would be expensive to expect to heat and cool your home with solar alone. It could be done, but just very expensive.

I don't know the details of your place, but it would likely be more efficient to super-insulate the house, or even build it below ground. I visited a house in Wyoming when it was 110 F outside, and it was a pleasant 80 degrees inside in the afternoon. They had foot-thick insulation, and a fan to bring in cool air at night.

Certainly, don't use electric panels to create hot water. Use solar thermal panels designed especially for heating water. That will be 6-10 times more efficient. Then store the water in a big tank.

But to answer directly, unless your refrigerator vents to the outside, it only redistributes the heat in the house. It takes the heat out of water, making ice, and puts that heat into the air. Ultimately, if you were to take the ice out and use it for cooling, it would not compensate for the heat put into the air. An air conditioner take the heat from the house, and pumps it outside.

Is there any possibility of cooling your house with deep well ground water?

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