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Solar Panels Florida

Bill Said:

Can solar panels put out 1500 watts per month ? live in Florida lots of sun or do I need a wind turbine ?

We Answered:

For 1,500 Watts, with sun shining *straight* on the panels:
Suppose the panels are 8% efficient, and
usually about 1,000 W per square meter. Then
1.5 sq. m / 0.08 = 19 square meters of panel. If you want to collect enough for 1,500 Watts at night, double. Big Buck$

1,500W x 24hrs/d x 30d/month = 1,080 *kilowatt-hours*

Javier Said:

What are the large, black rectangles found on Florida roofs? They're not solar panels, but something else?

We Answered:

These are solar panels for swimming pools. I have some on my house and will increase the pool temp 10-15 degrees. They are cheap to purchase and easy to work with. Look at link to see if this is what you are talking about.

Juanita Said:

How many solar panels do i need to run 1 room AC?

We Answered:

almost 1 bedroom ac capacity 1.5 ton is 1500 watts per hours, so if you need to run 24 hours AC ? so you need 15 kw solar system, better you installed 1 solar operated special Viyors Brand AC, its split ac, saved 90% energy, the cost is arround 3,400 USD. , pl. mail to, and visit this is VIYORS ENERGY LTD> Leading enterprises in india.

Daisy Said:

Does florida pay anything to help you get solar panels?

We Answered:

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has lots of information on their website. From the little bit I read, it seems they have had more people applying for rebates than they have money to give. However, with the infrastructure money now coming to the states from the federal government, perhaps the program will be re-funded.
Follow this link and poke around on the website a bit for info specific to your project:…

Bob Said:

What is the production of energy for the solar panels at Deerfield Beach Middle school in Florida?

We Answered:

5,000 or 5KW. This size system on an average house would be great. Of course it was donated by FPL so it didn't cost the School.

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