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Solar Panels China

Esther Said:

what documents and procedures are needed to import solar panels from china to usa ?

We Answered:

CE are European Standards. You will need a UL/CUL or ETL rating.

ASTM website should have information for you. Also ask your factory what type of certificates have been obtained for their panels.

You can check Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States for the duty rates.

Gary Said:

Why isn't America able to produce Solar Panels now that China is doing it much cheaper?

We Answered:

I would just love for anyone to show me that Solar panels that actually produce substantial amounts of energy, besides the hype that goes along with them. I want actual Science articles from noted Scientists that prove without a doubt, that solar energy is the most efficient means of producing enough energy to make a difference in creating heat and electricity in our homes and or businesses. Wind energy seems to be a big disappointment as well and doesn't yield any magnificent breakthroughs, as far as saving any consumer money in energy savings.Let me get on the Global warming bandwagon and we can ride through all these fallacies about what is real and hoaxes together.Sad thing about hoaxes they are just made up to create hope, and end up creating disappointment instead.................................…

Philip Said:

Are solar panels manufactured in china ?

We Answered:

Some are.

President Bush did grant communist China most favored trading status.

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